LEAN Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews

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Gonna try again

I purchased this product once, started using it, then due to busy schedule started using it inconsistently. Due to inconsistency didn't end up seeing much results, but still believe this product could work if used as directed so I'm gonna repurchase and try again.

Better than before!

I tried the Lean Nutraceuticals Testosterone Booster MAX after using the basic testosterone booster. I was very pleasantly surprised with extra strength for my weight workouts, greater duration for my cardio workouts and wonderful stirrings for play with my wife! Makes me feel more like 36 than 66.

Give it time

It took a couple of weeks but just as I was about to give up, a substantial change in my libido took place. After taking for another 3 weeks I stopped to see if there was a difference. In a short few days I was back to a low again. I've taken for 4 months now and it always works.

Really Notice a Difference

I have been taking this product for about 3 weeks now and have really noticed a difference in my workout recovery and my muscle building. I would recommend this product to any one who feels sluggish and worn down.

Great Product

I have tried several testosterone boosters but they lacked the balance of ingredients that Natural Max has. Not only mood, muscle but libido to! Will continue to purchase and the several other products I used were way more expensive. Great product and price.

...Still To Experience Positive Results

I've followed the required prescription of 3-capsule per day together with meal,
...waiting to see its effects

Good Stuff

I was very pleased with the MAX Booster. Able to maintain a steady energy level and stable mood throughout the day and noticed quick muscle growth. Helped with libido too. Highly recommend.

Good replacement

I've been using another Testosterone product for over a year. I'm over 70 and it was very helpful in retaining my interests. That product has been discontinued and I found NTB on Amazon. I've been using it for a month and have been pleased with the results. I use it daily and would tell you it still works.

A Must Have

I have been taking this product every day for nearly year now.Try it. You will love it.

Product is fantastic

I was skeptical but the product does really work. Increased my energy and libido, which was surprising. I plan to continue to use the product it is well worth the money.

Satisfied with Results

I have been taking this product for months. I can tell the difference in my energy level.


I've have noticed some changes after the first bottle. Of course besides taking the supplement you need to do some workout and such to help the progress.

This product works!

I've trained for years with weights and fitness training in the gym. After taking NTB I've noticed an increase in strength, energy, stamina and loss of body fat (my clothes fit better). I follow the directions and recommended dosage, no upset stomach or side effects noted. Lean Nutraceuticals has helped me and I would recommend NTB if you need a boost in your work outs in or out of the gym :)


Good stuff

I just started taking it and don’t have any complaints.....I plan on purchasing more and will come back and add to the review in a couple months to share how it’s going

Great product, super effective!

I've been using the Lean Organic Milk Thistle for two years. I was diagnosed with NASH, a form of Fatty Liver disease, and it has been suggested taking Milk Thistle may lower the chances of it becoming worse. My lab results have shown a decrease of the AST and ALT liver enzymes. I believe my use of this product has proved to be very effective.

Super product!

I have been having liver problems (non alcoholic fatty liver) and I have been using this product for 6 months. Since dropping some pounds and using this product my Drs say I am improving. I highly recommend this brand for milk thistle!

Seems to be working already!

Just finished up my first bottle. Definitely have more of a sex drive, even though I wasn’t lacking to begin with. Can’t wait to see what results I’ll have with continued use.

Works great!

This product works very well for me anyway. A noticable amount of energy and helps with a workout. Use it as directed and you should be happy with it.

good red ginseng

This seems to be a better quality than the ginseng I have been using. I think it works better for me.

Feel better with this

I've been taking this supplement for a while. I think I feel better since I took it. Well absorbed into my body, and no side effect so far.
Recommend to others for trial.


I take the Digestive Enzymes in the morning and the Probiotics at night. I have more energy which allows me to exercise more, Im losing weight and I’m feeling so much better than I did prior to using these Lean Nutraceuticals products. I’m a very happy 67 year old customer

Products are fantastic

I take the Probiotics MD 1550 at night and the Digestive enzymes in the morning and have never felt better. These products have been a life changer for me. I’m 67 and have more energy, my weight is way down, and I have overall peaceful feeling. I love these products, thanks Lean Nutraceuticals!

More energy

I noticed that I had more stamina while using the product.