LEAN Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews

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Effective Nurtraceutical

I observed indications of increased sexual vigor after taking this supplement on a daily basis. Effects for me were subtle but reliably evident. My guess is that those looking for a slight hand up (instead of comprehensive pharma overhaul/ handout mentality) will, in many cases, become regular, satisfied customers.

Lean Muscle, Energy, Stamina

Product has delivered fully on my expectations - added 10 lbs of lean muscle....not easy at 58. Improved energy, strength and stamina

Works for me

I'll been taking this product now for about 6 to 8 months and it gives me energy all day. Lean Muscle, But most of all the Labido is 100%
of my expectation.


Gives you lots of energy. Increases your stamina. Nothing harmful in this product.

Works as described

Great product. I have used it for 6 months and have noticed an improvement in my overall well being.

It helps me!

Results aren't drastic, but definately noticeable.

Good product

Seems to give me more energy, and reduces fat. Results are subtle yet noticeable.

Great product!

Great formula of products all together in one bottle!

Great product!

Use it daily and am very happy with the results!


I had suffered from recurrent mastitis with my first three babies. I researched probiotics and strains that had been specifically tested for treating/preventing mastitis in nursing mothers. I ordered this probiotic, because it carried the two strains listed in the study and had excellent reviews. I’ve been taking it for 7 months with wonderful results.

Excellent product

I’m 44 and have been using this product for about 9 months. This is by far the best testosterone that I have tried, including some of the big Name Brands. I recomend it to all of my friends that are interested.

Natural Supplement

I most liked that this was a natural supplement using ingredients like zinc, Niacin and herbs. It seemed to help me with stamina and focus.

This really works!

I have tried other T-Boosters and never had the success that I did with this one. I also liked the fact that this company didn't use a bunch of gimmicks. The cost was a big factor for me. So trying this was as challenging as some of the other products out there. I really lost the weight that I wanted to loose and Lean TB was really did help me. I am a real person (53 yrs old) with a bad back and I had to loose the weight or I was headed to surgery. Thank you!!


I recommend this to anyone looking for a T replacement. Been taking it for about a year and seems to help fatigue and energy.


This product seems to be effective and help boost testosterone and work as advertised with some good ingredients.

Excellent product

I tried a lot of other ones and this is the real deal...

Good stuff

I order this for my mom and dad, it really helps them both with balancing their hormones!

Worked for me

I've tried a lot of t boosters. For me this one has been working. I am 50 and use a booster for a few months and switch brands to keep the body guessing. I have been using this one for a year 30 days on and 1 week off and it has kept working. Helped with libido and intensity of erections.

I am a 66 year old who gets my testosterone checked every 6 months. Taking this product has raised my T dramatically.

Awesome product

Very good, more energy and stamina in all areas of life in and out of the bedroom.

Natural and Effective

I’m a 52 year old athlete and conscientious of what I consume. I am on my second year of monthly consumption of the Lean Natural T booster. If you like natural products and looking for a product to enhance a lean muscle look with a boost of energy then you have found it !! With a proper diet, good sleep habits and a consistent exercise regimen, you will find the product amazing.

Great Product

I’ve been taking this product for over a year and it helps me stay lean, build muscle and maintain stamina. Great product with no side effects, in my opinion.

It helps me in more ways than one.

I find that this product helps my energy level during my work day. And I have discovered other benefits too.