LEAN Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

I just started taking it and don’t have any complaints.....I plan on purchasing more and will come back and add to the review in a couple months to share how it’s going

Great product, super effective!

I've been using the Lean Organic Milk Thistle for two years. I was diagnosed with NASH, a form of Fatty Liver disease, and it has been suggested taking Milk Thistle may lower the chances of it becoming worse. My lab results have shown a decrease of the AST and ALT liver enzymes. I believe my use of this product has proved to be very effective.

Super product!

I have been having liver problems (non alcoholic fatty liver) and I have been using this product for 6 months. Since dropping some pounds and using this product my Drs say I am improving. I highly recommend this brand for milk thistle!

Seems to be working already!

Just finished up my first bottle. Definitely have more of a sex drive, even though I wasn’t lacking to begin with. Can’t wait to see what results I’ll have with continued use.

Works great!

This product works very well for me anyway. A noticable amount of energy and helps with a workout. Use it as directed and you should be happy with it.

good red ginseng

This seems to be a better quality than the ginseng I have been using. I think it works better for me.

Feel better with this

I've been taking this supplement for a while. I think I feel better since I took it. Well absorbed into my body, and no side effect so far.
Recommend to others for trial.


I take the Digestive Enzymes in the morning and the Probiotics at night. I have more energy which allows me to exercise more, Im losing weight and I’m feeling so much better than I did prior to using these Lean Nutraceuticals products. I’m a very happy 67 year old customer

Products are fantastic

I take the Probiotics MD 1550 at night and the Digestive enzymes in the morning and have never felt better. These products have been a life changer for me. I’m 67 and have more energy, my weight is way down, and I have overall peaceful feeling. I love these products, thanks Lean Nutraceuticals!

More energy

I noticed that I had more stamina while using the product.

Seems to work

I have noticed more sex drive and feeling more energy. It took me almost two bottles to have it kick in.

This product is amazing,

It's lowered my A1C, lowered my cholesterol, lowered my Triglicerin, this product is burning the fat in your blood, that's why you getting better.

Had all the right component. Not sure if it worked yet but motivated to work out more and lost 30 lbs and drop 2 inch waist. Cut calorie intake below BMR requirement and workout out of sitting more. Hope this helps.

Works well

Using for 3 weeks now and you can feel it work. More energy and better sleep. Better mood and it shows.

I can really feel the difference

I'm 45 and I work out pretty hard. This product gives me the energy I need throughout the day.

works well

it took a few weeks, but the results have been noticeable

Works good

If taken as directed it work fine.
More energy etc.

Seems to work good so far

I bought it to naturally increase test. we will see in 3 months when I go back to Dr. for tests. I do feel more energy like a caffeine rush. Made me nauseous at first but I got used to it after a week.

Hope this helps!

I am a newer customer and take this product to help me work out at the gym. Usually have good energy and am able to kick some butt lifting.

Works for me!

I had been taking this enzyme formula for several months. I had bought from a therapist who had recommended it highly. It made a difference in my digestion and general well-being so I found the source and ordered more. One capsule a day just before breakfast seems to work very well for me.

Feeling great!!

I've been taking lean natural testosterone booster for a month now and the difference is night and day. My mood had improve dramatically, I'm losing weight and finally able to push through some of my plateaus. I would recommend this product to everyone and I have been.


After 2 weeks belly fat coming off and more energy and im hooked...

Better than Metformin

I was prescribed metformin for a high A1C, but was tired of the adverse side effects......tried some Berberine, a viola!....lower A1C without the nasty side effects, and it’s a natural product!