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Great product

Great product with great results! Definitely recommend.


Great product with magical results. I am definitely ordering again


Overall great product. Very effective and meets my needs.

58 and going strong

On my 6th bottle, my 40 year Brazilian girl friend loves my libido and your product is a main part of my regime along with healthy food and exercise.

Feeling Stronger Every Day

Although seemingly slow to take effect, 1/2 way through the 3rd bottle, it is undeniable that I am feeling more energetic and stronger. Looking for continued and greater results with continued purchase and use of Lean Nutraceuticals Natural Testosterone Booster capsules.

I've been using Natural Testosterone Booster for a couple of years now.

I have benefited from this product with energy and stamina. As I have aged I was losing both. I ruled out testosterone injections by a doctor because of the expense and negative side effects. This product is a good natural alternative.

no Gasses

on 2nd bottle of 100 Billion probiotic with 15 strains. so far no upsetting stomach or discomforting gasses. I'll keep taking it!

Awesome natural product for Diabetes.

I have been taking Lean Nutraceuticals Pure Berberine for about 2 weeks, I take it with prescribed Glipizide, my Dr. also prescribed Rybelsius, but I do not like the feeling it gives me. After doing a lot of research I found that Berberine was a natural product to help lower blood sugar. After 2 weeks I have started to see a significant drop in my BG levels from the 200's down between 116 and 156. I would like to completely stop taking the prescribed medicine Glipizide, I will be order more. This is a start in the right direction, in a natural way. Thank you.

Very pleasantly surprised!

I began taking Lean Nutraceuticals Pure Berberine to supplement my diabetes regime after my doctor said i could stop taking "metformin" prescription. He said my blood sugar my rise and I could just increase my dosage of insulin, I had read that berberine could help keep blood sugar down for some people, so I thought I would give it a try to see if I could use it in lieu of increase of insulin dosage. My blood sugar did increase about 20 to 30 points when metformin was stopped. My morning blood sugar reading was typically 90 to 105 with metformin and after stopping I was getting readings of 110 to 135. I ordered LN Pure Berberine and after 15 days I was getting lower blood sugar readings. After 1 month my blood sugar reading was in a 100-115 range. I was very surprised and pleased with the results of the berberine supplements. I plan to reorder and keep monitoring blood sugar as I continue to have good success with LN Pure Berberine.


Bought 90 cap bottle. Ordered Feb 4. Paid extra for 2 day ship. Received order Feb 18. I didn't know 2 day ship meant 2 week ship. Oh well. Also, they sent me a 30 cap bottle, not 90 like I paid for. I could see this happening with a 3rd party supplier but Lean Shoppe? Go get this off Amazon, don't waste your time or money here.

Great product

works great whish I heard about it sooner.

Excellent product

Excellent results so far

Worked for me!!

This product increased the enjoyment and enhanced orgasms! I will buy it again!!

Good so far!

I like that it's organic and you explain exactly how much of each different type you put in. So far I have noticed that my energy levels are up and my mood seems better!


This supplement holds it own against a lot of more expensive ones. This one actually deliver what most won't. I really like the quality and the cost. It works.

good product, need a little more mg's

product seems to have all the right ingredents, but would be better in higher doses for the price.



Excited with results.

Boosted energy and mood, boosted dive and intimacy. Highly recommend.


these arrived really quickly. Have only been taking them.

love it

Love it. I put it in my smoothie every morning. There is no taste Mixes Easy. My hair is getting thicker according to my hair dresser. Finger nails are growing fast

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