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Get Free Sample of Natural Testosterone Booster MAX and Start Feeling Young Again!
K. Downey (Fort Walton Beach, US)

I had ordered a free 10 day sample . I received it in a very timely manner. I started to feel some positive changes and noticed that I was able to lift more in the gym and was able to do more reps. By the 10th day, I really noticed the positive changes including sexual desire. I actually even felt less every day minor pains. After my experience with the free sample, I placed a full 30 day order. I’m hoping and praying that I will get even better results.

Great Product

Started by getting it from Amazon, now I buy direct from leanshoppe. It ships from the east coast. I live on the west coast & get it pretty quickly. I take it twice daily & feel just S good as I did 10 years ago (41 now)

Great product

My wife and I are just turning 70 and have been taking 100 billion Probiotics for quite some time and it has been a game changer! We feel fantastic!

This companty is very bad

Because this is a bad review they will probably defeat it anyway. So I will not go into a detailed story. I tried to cancel my subscription, through email. They did not listen to me
and sent the stuff anyway, real rude person I had to deal with. I have been buying there product for years. But because of the way I was treated. I will not buy from them again.


First of all, please accept our sincer apology, and after further review of your posting, we have looked into your subscription, as requested it was cancelled back on December 19 2022, at 7:22 PM.

Thanks for being our customer.

The LEAN Team.

Did not help at all

Waste of money. Didn’t help at all.


I’m 63 and I feel 23. I have lost weight, built strength, am lean and fit. My drive is strong and stamina is increased.

Great product

I've been using this product for years now.
I hope they continue producing it and keep making it affordable with free shipping. I have no interest in using any other testosterone product. I feel it's the best out there! Don't hesitate, buy it!

Works as advertised

OK So if there was a person who could sabotage themself it would be me. I am overweight, drink too much, do not exercise, and let work stress me out. However my wife and I of 37 years still like our intimacy. I was having some trouble getting the job done in that area. I started taking the Testosterone booster and it helped, there were no strange side affects, no acne, no aggression, and I was able the get the job done. I switched to the Testosterone Booster Max, and still no side affects and even a little better in the other benefits. I mean, this does not bring back the teenage years where I'm popping tall every time the wind blows, but who wants the noise at my age. They have changed the pill from a golden tan, to a blue and white, then back to golden tan now so I'm not sure what that is all about but the product inside the capsule still works for me. I will continue to take it with my morning vitamin cocktail my wife has me on an continue being there for our quiet time together.

Seems to work and help

Helps with keeping my muscle mass, helps keep everything performing in a on demand stiff manner!

Real results really fast

I feel more invigorated, my metabolism is up, and overall my energy levels are much better on this supplement. It has also improved every facet of my life and that’s all I will say on this matter. Highly recommended .

It is a very great product I have been used this product for many months was buying through Amazan but buying from you now.Burtis

I started taking Women's Libido Enhancer last week and quite honestly I was skeptical. I have tried MANY different products over the years and was continually disappointed. I noticed a difference with this product within the first couple of days! I have more energy and I have a subtle increase in libido (which is what I wanted). I have an extremely sensitive system and your product didn't negatively affect me at all, it did exactly what it was advertised to do. Women's Libido Enhancer works for me and I would recommend others try it.

This product works !

If I like a product I am afraid to give a good review because then the product sells out

Doesn't work

Doesn't work!!! Nothing changed !!! NOT WORTH THE price you pay for it!!! Hoping for a bigger booty, got nothing!!!

Great product

Great product with great results! Definitely recommend.

Be Careful. Read the entire label!

This product has a cancer warning on the bottle, so I contacted Amazon and was refunded my money and I threw away the remaining pills after I noticed it. It could be the plastic capsules or bottle or something else, but Amazon should stop selling it.

Thanks for leaving the review. But there is no cancer warning on the label. ANd we have no record of you purchasing this product.

The LEAN team


Great product with magical results. I am definitely ordering again

58 and going strong

On my 6th bottle, my 40 year Brazilian girl friend loves my libido and your product is a main part of my regime along with healthy food and exercise.

Feeling Stronger Every Day

Although seemingly slow to take effect, 1/2 way through the 3rd bottle, it is undeniable that I am feeling more energetic and stronger. Looking for continued and greater results with continued purchase and use of Lean Nutraceuticals Natural Testosterone Booster capsules.

I've been using Natural Testosterone Booster for a couple of years now.

I have benefited from this product with energy and stamina. As I have aged I was losing both. I ruled out testosterone injections by a doctor because of the expense and negative side effects. This product is a good natural alternative.

no Gasses

on 2nd bottle of 100 Billion probiotic with 15 strains. so far no upsetting stomach or discomforting gasses. I'll keep taking it!

Awesome natural product for Diabetes.

I have been taking Lean Nutraceuticals Pure Berberine for about 2 weeks, I take it with prescribed Glipizide, my Dr. also prescribed Rybelsius, but I do not like the feeling it gives me. After doing a lot of research I found that Berberine was a natural product to help lower blood sugar. After 2 weeks I have started to see a significant drop in my BG levels from the 200's down between 116 and 156. I would like to completely stop taking the prescribed medicine Glipizide, I will be order more. This is a start in the right direction, in a natural way. Thank you.

Very pleasantly surprised!

I began taking Lean Nutraceuticals Pure Berberine to supplement my diabetes regime after my doctor said i could stop taking "metformin" prescription. He said my blood sugar my rise and I could just increase my dosage of insulin, I had read that berberine could help keep blood sugar down for some people, so I thought I would give it a try to see if I could use it in lieu of increase of insulin dosage. My blood sugar did increase about 20 to 30 points when metformin was stopped. My morning blood sugar reading was typically 90 to 105 with metformin and after stopping I was getting readings of 110 to 135. I ordered LN Pure Berberine and after 15 days I was getting lower blood sugar readings. After 1 month my blood sugar reading was in a 100-115 range. I was very surprised and pleased with the results of the berberine supplements. I plan to reorder and keep monitoring blood sugar as I continue to have good success with LN Pure Berberine.


Bought 90 cap bottle. Ordered Feb 4. Paid extra for 2 day ship. Received order Feb 18. I didn't know 2 day ship meant 2 week ship. Oh well. Also, they sent me a 30 cap bottle, not 90 like I paid for. I could see this happening with a 3rd party supplier but Lean Shoppe? Go get this off Amazon, don't waste your time or money here.

Great product

works great whish I heard about it sooner.

always free shipping

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