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Solid supplement!

I really appreciate how this mil thistle is organic, a high concentration, and a large supply for the price. I found this a really good value for the product and I felt it did its job!

Good stuff definitely the money’s worth

This stuff is the bomb, I tried a different product but that product was pretty extreme. I find this product to be the perfect balance in the testosterone and libido world. Not too strong but also not very weak. I’d even say going celibate for a couple of weeks made me feel like the man, almost like the boss. Thanks a lot to the makers of this product, you boys did a good job 👍

Working so far

Seems to be giving me energy, and stamina throughout my work out . I will keep taking it and see what happens . Good so far

Natural Testosterone Booster Review

This product works.
I started with one capsule, and 30 minutes later I could feel the effect.
I worked out at the gym with more strength after just starting the product.
I have been using the product now for one month, and found it be great.
I now take 2 capsules, which gives me more strength and stamina.
I have increased my muscle mass, without gaining any fat weight.
I tried many other brands from different companies, and felt no effect.
You won't be disappointed.
I highly recommend you try it.

Great products

I’m using several products and loving it. Feeling great and enjoying the benefits.

Changed our life and our marriage!

I stumbled upon these and looked at my husband Dave.. I remembered years ago when he was so active, and motivated. As he aged his Testosterone disappeared, he didn't want to run marathons anymore or go swimming at the YMCA, he wont even be intimate. No motivation to leave the recliner... My husband was very reluctant to even purchase these but I thank god everyday for these miracle pills that saved our marriage!

Great product

I have been using this product for about six months now and I notice a difference in my workouts and overall energy. I can still do the things that I used to do 20 years ago . I’m also more focused and energetic at work. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for that extra edge

Serms to work

I bought this to help with bloating and it seems to help reduce the bloating.

provides the perfect boost for my workouts as i get older

provides the perfect boost for my workouts as i get older

Good Product

Been using this a while now. But this company’s order process is fast and easy.

Good Results!

I have just finished my first bottle and am very pleased with the results! My fine hair appears stronger, and I have noticed less fall out in the shower drain. I plan to re-order.

All you need is a BOOST! ;)

Love how this product does not replace the natural testosterone but, only BOOSTS it! As people, we get older and its inevitable but, nothing is wrong for wanting to stay youthful as long as we can. This product not only has 13 natural ingredients but its tested by real people and its recommended by real doctors! It gives out so much natural energy that you will be feeling 10 or even 15 years younger. And who wouldn't want that? Being able to have a natural boost at the gym, office, or at home not only will you see a difference but, those close to you as well. With honest real reviews and certified testing there is no way that you can say no to such an amazing product.
And in a weeks time, it will be over at your place, shipping free!

It is 100% Natural and It Works...That's all what matters!

This is by far the best natural testosterone booster in the market today. Chemical free product, all natural that will really enhance your life in all your daily activities. What a difference will be that feeling tired, not wanting to do much, feeling lazy and always so hard to find the strength to do the things that you really want to do. Your performance level will increase in and outside of the bedroom in fact place don't matter. You can't go wrong with this, give it a try...I highly recommend it! Plus you got a guarantee that makes it even better! Enjoy :)


This has been a very good product and staple in my workout program and daily well being
Being off the NTB allows time to assess the true differences without it.
You will be very pleased with this product

Best Testosterone Booster I have found.

LEAN Natural Testosterone booster is now my go to product. I am 52 years old and had started to feel the slow down from age. I started trying out natural T boosters about 3 years ago and I have tried dozens of other types, including the so-called best from giants like GNC. I only use the boosters that NATURALLY boost T levels. No artificial testosterone or ingredients will I put in my body, just the all natural ones. LEAN Natural Test Booster has given me better results than any other before or since. Higher energy levels, stronger feel to all my muscles, more power in the gym and a greater endurance in the gym and bedroom. Hands down the BEST natural booster out there. Recommend to all my friends constantly. I recommend to you as well, I will never switch back.


Have taken it for a couple weeks . Will Oder again

works well

I have tried 3-4 different testosterone boosters and this seems to work very well. This is my 2nd bottle and I have the energy to do my daily workouts and 9 hour work days.

Pretty good so far,

I have tried a few different test boosters so far and this one seems to be the best. They raise my libido quite a bit. I feel like i am in my 20's again. I have been working out daily for almost 2 years now and these seem to have given me a little extra during my workout The only thing that bothers me about this company is that i bought my wife the female libido pills and if you look at the ingredients in it is it is identical to the ingredients in the test booster max for men. No big deal but 30 pills for a woman is 24.95 and 90 pills for a man is 29.95. Not sure how they came up with that pricing. Would appear as with most female product this company is trying to make extra money off of women. Not cool. so from now on if it works for my wife i will just buy the mens libido max. Hope others will do the same.

3 Months Review

Well Ive been on the drops for about 3 months now and am down 32 pounds, started at 241 and am i now at 209. They do keep your appetite under control i have a cup of coffee and some fruit in the morning followed by a protein shake for lunch and a nice meal for dinner nothing to fancy. Even with the occasional going out to eat with my wife on the weekend i have my over eating under control.

Great additional supplement

I have been taking this for 30 days. It seems to give me more energy in the morning and a little added something during my workouts. I will continue to use this. Great product.

Seems To Work

I suffer chronic depression, and have only been using this a few weeks, but I do already feel more focused and vital. I look forward to seeing how much it ultimately helps me.

Great product

This is my 3rd or 4th order and the product seems to work well to increase my libido. I don't have time to work out much but it seems to help me make it through my long work days.


Been using NTB for quite a while now and I am very happy with all results stated! Thanks