LEAN Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews

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works well

it took a few weeks, but the results have been noticeable

Works good

If taken as directed it work fine.
More energy etc.

Seems to work good so far

I bought it to naturally increase test. we will see in 3 months when I go back to Dr. for tests. I do feel more energy like a caffeine rush. Made me nauseous at first but I got used to it after a week.

Hope this helps!

I am a newer customer and take this product to help me work out at the gym. Usually have good energy and am able to kick some butt lifting.

Works for me!

I had been taking this enzyme formula for several months. I had bought from a therapist who had recommended it highly. It made a difference in my digestion and general well-being so I found the source and ordered more. One capsule a day just before breakfast seems to work very well for me.

Feeling great!!

I've been taking lean natural testosterone booster for a month now and the difference is night and day. My mood had improve dramatically, I'm losing weight and finally able to push through some of my plateaus. I would recommend this product to everyone and I have been.


After 2 weeks belly fat coming off and more energy and im hooked...

Better than Metformin

I was prescribed metformin for a high A1C, but was tired of the adverse side effects......tried some Berberine, a viola!....lower A1C without the nasty side effects, and it’s a natural product!

It's really working

After 15 days of having 3 pills/day, I have more energy, less belly and I feel great, just GREAT!!

I'm already ordering my second pill bottle

Feeling more energy and drive to exercise

I definitely feel more energy and have been exercising more and losing weight pretty quick. Definitely buying again and making part of my regular supplement intake.

So far so good1

recommended to my husband for his sugar (not diabetic as yet) He has been taking it faithfully for several months. Waiting on blood test results. Will update

Hydrates my dry, thin skin

I am over 70 years old and found that my skin was dry and also prone to tearing when I work outside gardening and trimming bushes. I have been taking phytoceramides for several months and see a significant reduction in dry skin and in wounds due to tearing.

Great product

Noticed improved energy and overall great product. Will be buying again.

Natural Testosterone booster

Could feel a little more energy,

First time user

Only been using for 30 days. I will keep using for another 30 days and assess.

Seems to work

I'm 50 and I was slowly gaining weight with the same diet and exercise. I don't know if it's actually working or psychosomatic, but I've managed to up my workouts and my weight has stabilized. No side effects.

Energy Up

Got better sleep quality and much more energy during the workout

Lowered my AI-C

This formulation of Berberine (sulfate) was much more effective in controlling my blood glucose levels than the HCL formulation from another source.

Seems to help me digest dairy better

Seems to help me digest dairy better. Thank you.

Worked Pretty Well

No idea if my T levels actually went up when taking this. The first few weeks I felt like I had more energy. Seemed to sleep a bit better. Libido went up a lot for the first few weeks. All the benefits seemed to taper off after 3-4 weeks of using the product. Willing to give it another try and see if they return and to what effect. I seemed to build a fast tolerance to w/e was causing benefits. Might try to cycle it and see if there is any difference. I'd say give it a try and see if you notice anything. It's not expensive so worth a go. Didn't notice any negative effects which was nice.

Helpful in the gym

I am older and joined a gym to strengthen my body more. This product is helpful building stronger muscle strength I was missing.

Good stuff

Felt good & energy was great when taking this product. Recommend it & will definitely be buying it again.

Seems to work for me.

Seems to work for me. Noticed muscular changes after a couple of weeks. I'd recommend it. Ready to order more.