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Great product

I was told about the LEAN natural testosterone booster, and have been really happy with it. I have more energy, and happy w/ the performance.


I have been taking this product for the better part of a year now and WOW I can tell the difference when I do take it and when I don't. When I make sure to take this on the daily my focus, concentration, motivation, and thinking is clear. I also can push thru my long or stressful days with no issues.


This is life changing.

Works great with the gym

I was seeking the right supplement to go with my workouts, and this one has been ideal for me. I've noticed increased muscle and energy. This really does the job. Also love that it's created by doctors. Thank you.


it does work..thanks

Real booster

This product really does what it promise, I can tell when I missed my dose

Great Product

Changed to NTB a month ago and truly feel the difference in the gym.

Great Product!

Notice improvement in energy level and strength. It worked for me.

So far so good

I have muscular dystropy, I have noticed some improvment when standing on my feet, more balance

MD Certified Testosterone Booster for Men 3X More Natural Actives
Michael Fabrizio (Township of Sugarloaf, US)
Natural Testosterone

I have been trying this Product for 2 Weeks I have not noticed a difference In my Energy Or Physical Health. I want to keep trying it for at least 2 Months and see what happens. I am Hoping It Works. I Am 74 Years Old


I am a 67 year old right leg amputee. Lost my leg three years ago in a hiking accident and have been working hard with my prosthetic leg to get back to my active lifestyle. I have tried other testosterone boosters but this is by far the best one I've found! My stamina and strength has improved tremendously and I just feel like getting up and going full blast every day. Even my rehab therapist has commented on the differences in my performance! Love the product, highly recommend and will be a customer for life. Thank you for developing this formula and keep up the good work.

Worked For Me!

Switched up my diet and exercise plan, and added Lean TBoost and watched the pounds melt away. Ran through my first bottle and figured I'd see how the next three weeks went without. No Bueno. Endurance dropped and the weight began to creep back in - won't be making that mistake again.

This $hit Works!!!

I'm 53, longtime bodybuilder & I have tried every supplement imaginable. I can tell you after taking Natural Testosterone Booster for 2 months this stuff is quality. I felt better pumps, stronger & libido like my 20's... I have order the Max but honestly can't imagine how they could improve this product. Also I had zero issues with digestion or side effects, highly recommend NTB.



GGT levels drop with Organic Milk Thistle

Doctor not sure what I've done but he's recommends I keep on doing it. GGT levels where off the chart from my younger days of drinking but after taking organic milk thistle now going on 4 years my levels have consistently hovered near normal range. May not work for everyone the same, but I'm blessed it did for me.

Great product

Take morning and night

I notice a real difference in my 'desire' when taking thi product

I take several supplements to increase my libido. This is the only one where I notice a real difference in my deisre.

Gives a nice boost

I am happy to report I achieved pleasant results from this product. It seems there is a synergistic effect from the particular combination of ingredients in this product. The ingredients seem to be in a good combination for maximum natural results that can help older men get the energy boost they desire. Prefer this to other products that are more expensive and hyped. This one is put together by an MD and the company produces other healthy products too, so they are a good manufacturer.

NTB is great!

I have more energy, it helps with being able to exercise more and even better results in the bedroom. Great product. No side effects. Thanks! Long time customer.

Great product!

I am so pleased with this product, that I am now purchasing for the third time.

works great!

works great, feel better and more active.

Great for women too!

I've been working to self hack my hormones because low testosterone is extremely common in women. This product has most every testosterone supporting supplement I've come across in my reading. I use this to help naturally support testosterone in my own body and I do think it's very helpful! I find myself leaner than I used to be and it seems easier to build muscle. I have used probably 4 bottles and I make sure I never run out!

Good stuff

My first test booster, but I am back for more.

Phy Glow Ceramides

es un excelente producto llevo un mes y puedo decir q ha cambiado mi aspecto en el rostro lo recomiendo

I love this product and I will be a repeat customer.

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