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Very good product

It's just what I want, affordable but essential immune support supplement! I have been taking for some time and I feel great!

Great product. A must

I have been taking this product going on two months. And I started to see a difference within a month. After I had Covid I lost a lot of my hair. With this product I’m getting my hair back

Good for my skin and hair.

Before I always had a falling hair a lot, but since I used this product, my hair is ticker, and my skin is more smooth and smooth. Also no wrinkles.


This product helps hair growth and smoothens skin. I also have a shower filter and put declorination tablets in my bath water. Also noticed less knee pain and need for less pain medication for my knee. Thank you for an excellent product.

Love this product!

I love this product because collagen is so important and I love that this is plant based since I don’t eat anything that’s been alive. I’ve taken this for months and finally seeing the difference. Highly recommend.

So far so good

I’ve been using these drops on a subscribe and safe for the last 3 month after using another brand for 3 months before that. There’s some new growth since having lost a lot of my hair post hysterectomy. There’s a good 3 inches that has filled in the thinning areas. I’ll follow up in 3-6 months. I have even longer fuller hair.

Best brand and best price!!

I’ve been using this brand for a little over a month and will never ever switch to another brand. After only about 2 weeks I could feel a huge difference in my knees, especially going up the steps. I take it every morning in my coffee and it does not change the flavor at all. Definitely recommend this brand!!

Very good product!

I have been taking this for about 1.5 months. I take it religiously and it has made a difference in my hair and my nails. My nails are much stronger and my hair is starting to feel a bit thicker. It has also helped my skin. Great product, will continue taking this.

Great product

I’m a post bariatric surgery patient in need of collagen and also something that’s easily digestible. The fact that this comes with protein is a huge plus because I also have to intake a certain amount protein a day. I like the fact that the powder is unflavored because I don’t always feel like drinking sweet stuff.


Great product, great price. Love that it has no flavor, so I take it with my coffee every morning. My hair has stopped falling and I feel much better when I am taking it. I felt very sad when I ran out while waiting for the other shipment, but will keep using it because my doctor says it's a good idea. Highly recommended.

Great Product!

My skin, hair and nails were dry and brittle. I live in Colorado where there is barely any humidity. My nails are now strong, new growth hair is much softer, and my skin is much more supple! And my leg, with a metal rod, is not nearly as stiff or sore! Yay! Thank you for a great product!

My Favorite Plant Based Collagen

I've used this product for about a year now and it's my favorite plant based collagen building supplement. I've seen a big difference in my skin, hair and nails. Even my eyelashes are thick and healthy. I love too that it includes other essential vitamins and minerals. This is perfect for vegans.

great product

i have been taking this product for a few weeks now i can see the difference in my Nails and my Hair is looking healthier. i would definitely recommend it and the taste is very good.

Great quality !

My hair has been falling out steadily for the past several years,but after 1 month of taking biotin drops, I have new hair growing & my hair isn't falling out anymore. I am very excited to continue using this product on a daily basis!


I LOVE this product! My hair dresser couldn’t believe how much hair growth I had. I didn’t even tell her I started taking this, she was shocked when I told her and even ordered some herself! I will definitely buy this product again!!

Awesome product

Got it 2 days ago...very fast delivery. It has no after taste or bad taste. Dissolves very quickly. Looking forward to seeing the results.....not sure if my reviews have submitted properly...so I'm here again....it's been almost a week and I'm feeling positive

Great product

The powder provides what it advertises - better skin texture and radiance. I mix it each morning with warm lemon water for a boost each day and have been doing so for over a year. it was recommended by my dermatologist.

Great product

This was a great product for helping my herniated discs heal after a car accident. I was walking after 8 weeks, which was great considering my injuries.

Great supplement

I am experiencing (age related) thinning hair. Not horribly or excessive but enough for me to notice and want to address. This product works quite well. 6 tabs a day is a lot, but I have found a routine which works well ( 4 with AM coffee, 2 about 4PM). I am on my second bottle. I also "paused" in between the 1st and 2nd bottle to see if I could keep the progress going with the supplement but after 3 weeks I noticed a decline in hair growth. No side effects, bad taste etc.

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